I Scream for Ice Cream


In the summer, we try to balance our actual ice cream eating with some pretend ice cream eating. It keeps us slim (sort of)! My seven-year-old and I made these nifty ice cream cone replicas out of toilet paper rolls and tissue paper. Cut a line up the side of the toilet paper roll and curl into a cone shape–hot glue will hold the shape and make sturdy little cones. Then stuff with tissue. Voila. Here are the kids selling ice cream out the half door in our cottage.

Minor Renovations

House renovations on the large scale take time, money, and decision-making skills. But renovations in the miniature don’t really involve a lot of commitment on any level.

Zeke & I have been sprucing up the ole dollhouse–repainting, wallpapering (with scrapbook paper), and yes, we “caned” these chairs using thin ribbon and Original Tacky Glue (great stuff). Zeke says we’re going to do this every year but I think this may actually be the last (bittersweet) time.


Little presidents from Heidi Kenney

I’ve never given much thought to crafting for President’s Day, but it does fall at a good time for some indoor fun. These are so adorable, and look like fun to make. I can imagine making all kinds of little people! Maybe a chess set! The idea comes from Heidi Kenney’s new book Every Day’s a Holiday: Year-Round Crafting With Kids, which I definitely plan to check out, and Etsy has a how-to for this project on their blog here. You can find plain pegs at Caseys Wood or on Etsy.

Please let us know if you give this a try!