Dabble. Putter. Make.

Homemade city is a space devoted to the love of making. Every week, we share home and kid-related craft projects for people like us, who happen to have full-time jobs and children (and/or very demanding, pestering pets) but still feel the itch to create.

Our projects can be done in an afternoon, are inexpensive, and have plenty of personality.

Brigit and Margaret have been friends for a long time (we won’t quantify!). We share a love of experimenting with color and are inspired by modern design. Brigit, a former book editor, is an avid modern quilter who lives in the wilds of Gainesville, Florida. Margaret is a Boston-based children’s book author and writer who is decent with a paintbrush.

We welcome your ideas—leave us a comment!

2013-10-13 Margaret


11 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, ps9 elementary school will have a craft fair in the begining of April. Thought I’d send out an invite for crafters who may want to take advantage and sell their goods. Faye is running the fair. We had great local crafters last years who did very well. The web address is: http://www.prospectheightscraftfair.com/

    Thanks, Kathy

  2. Lovely matchbox house. I will do it with My k4 group! Thank you for shaering tour ideas! Big hug Lu from Argentina

  3. Thanks, Margaret!

    I’m a picture book author, and I was thinking of a craft tie-in such as the one you did for Tara Lazar’s Normal Norman. You could contact me via email: godezza@gmail.com.

  4. I love this site! Your ideas are so clever and cute. The storybook house is great. And the matchbox houses are really fun. I think I am going to go and get a spool knitter right now….

    Keep up the posts – can’t wait to see more from you guys.

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