I Scream for Ice Cream


In the summer, we try to balance our actual ice cream eating with some pretend ice cream eating. It keeps us slim (sort of)! My seven-year-old and I made these nifty ice cream cone replicas out of toilet paper rolls and tissue paper. Cut a line up the side of the toilet paper roll and curl into a cone shape–hot glue will hold the shape and make sturdy little cones. Then stuff with tissue. Voila. Here are the kids selling ice cream out the half door in our cottage.

5 thoughts on “I Scream for Ice Cream

  1. Love that half door! Is that your niece in tie-dye? Is that Zeke in the red shirt?? If yes, he looks so big! Very clever cones–did the kids collect real money? I am sure Betty would have insisted on payment.

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