Make: Little Ghastly Peg People



Boo. These miniature spookies aren’t going to scare anyone, but they were fun to paint and a good workout for my fine motor skills/eyesight.

Little ghastlies by

I bought the unfinished peg dolls at my local craft store and used acrylic paint plus a coat of high gloss Mod Podge to cover.

Here is a list of some of my online inspirations:

Abby Jacobs’s peg vampire on etsy

This monster mash on Craftster

Pegged etsy shop–Halloween and Day of the Dead peg dolls (plus very sweet pilgrim peg dolls)

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Ho Ho Ho, and all that


The advent calendar was a big success! It was really fun to see the little village come together–so I thought I’d take a picture in all its elfin glory. Cheers!


Advent calendar


Five days of cuteness! Still to come, six more peg elves, two more elf houses, the big guy himself on the 24th, and some other little surprises. I’ve had so much fun making this advent calendar. I haven’t painted anything except walls in a long time, and I was a little out of practice. My skills definitely improved after a few elves–the elf waiting on December 18 is superlatively cute. The little drawstring bags were pretty easy to make and I just stamped the numbers on with a regular ink pad. I still have a few more things to make–Santa’s house!–but I’ve got days and days to finish up.


Little presidents from Heidi Kenney

I’ve never given much thought to crafting for President’s Day, but it does fall at a good time for some indoor fun. These are so adorable, and look like fun to make. I can imagine making all kinds of little people! Maybe a chess set! The idea comes from Heidi Kenney’s new book Every Day’s a Holiday: Year-Round Crafting With Kids, which I definitely plan to check out, and Etsy has a how-to for this project on their blog here. You can find plain pegs at Caseys Wood or on Etsy.

Please let us know if you give this a try!