Favorite Crafts for Kids

martha_kids My daughter is lucky enough to have an aunt who is the books editor at Martha Stewart. She was so excited when this book arrived in the mail! Betty is not always as interested in crafts as let’s say I am, but this book is so appealing she can’t wait to get started. I think top of her list is the marble run. The book has a good dose of science-y crafts, which it turns out appeal to my daughter. I guess I will have to save some of the super cute sewing projects for myself. Forecast for the weekend includes torrential rain, so I am very glad to have 175 fun ideas to keep us busy!

Knitting in the summer

Why do I get interested in knitting as soon as the weather gets brutishly hot? Maybe it’s the sitting still part of knitting and long and lazy summer days? Or the portability of  a knitting project? Anyway, I’ve been thinking about delving into some knitting and I was so happy to have stumbled upon Quince and Co in my pinterest travels. Don’t you think these cardis are lovely? Of course, I love the stripes.mcintoshabigail

Quilt photography


I don’t want to confess how many hours I’ve spent trying to take some decent photos of my new quilt. It seems improbably difficult. The colors in this quilt are so pretty in person–not really a bright tomato red but a more subtle coral. I know most people take pictures of their quilts outdoors (hooray for natural light!), but I was so taken with the photography in Denyse Schmidt’s new book Modern Quilts, Traditional Inspiration that I wanted to try some interior photos. I just opened my Etsy shop (Brigit Gail), which except for the photography, is incredibly easy. Etsy recommends five photos per listing–compounding my difficulties. Here is the essential close-up….


I think these photos turned out pretty well, but I have a bright pink quilt that is harder to capture than a unicorn. I’m off to try hanging it on a wall to see if I have any better results.

Finished picnic quilt


February in Florida is picnic weather–bright and sunny, no humidity and no mosquitoes. So this weekend, I am packing up some delicious fare and taking my family on a picnic. This quilt replaces a woolen picnic blanket that is far too hot and itchy for picnicking anywhere but the Scottish highlands. The backing is olive green, and I used a delicate floral for the binding–perfect for the great outdoors.


Paper heart pouch


These paper heart pouches, with conversation hearts inside, are perfect for class valentines. They have  a little bit of candy, and are easy enough for kids to make before they get bored and wander off. We traced hearts using cookie cutters and taped two together with washi tape, leaving the top open. Then we punched a hole through the top and tied the opening shut with some baker’s twine. To finish them off, we taped a heart to the end of the twine for a label.