Paper heart pouch


These paper heart pouches, with conversation hearts inside, are perfect for class valentines. They have  a little bit of candy, and are easy enough for kids to make before they get bored and wander off. We traced hearts using cookie cutters and taped two together with washi tape, leaving the top open. Then we punched a hole through the top and tied the opening shut with some baker’s twine. To finish them off, we taped a heart to the end of the twine for a label.

Washi tape

I put this sherbet-y assortment of washi tape on my Christmas list, and I’m sorry to say that despite a vigorous campaign of hinting, no one got the message. So, I will just mention it here.

I don’t know what I’ll do with it. I may just build a tape tower on my desk and look at it for a while. I first spotted it in the MOMA store (for a roll of ten, $30, $24 for MOMA members), but it’s also available at happy tape in polka dots & plaids. Not that you have to get it for me, but you could. . .