Eve Ashcraft and the Right Color

Last year I went to the NY Book Expo, ostensibly to find out more about English Language text books, but in practice I scoured the floors for art and craft book flyers and freebies. I picked up a flyer for Eve Ashcraft’s book The Right Color thinking it might come in handy. Eve Ashcraft is a color consultant–which is a fantastic job title, plus her name sounds a little like a DIY superhero–for interior design. Her book is based on a selection of twenty-eight colors–the only ones you’ll ever need–for interior paint, anyway. You can see the colors on the wall of her studio, courtesy of Paulette Pascarella. As much as I love color, faced with a fan deck of  paint chips, I’m pretty pleased to have some help whittling it way down.

We are getting ready to have our beige walls painted–yay!–and I am thinking I might stick to Ms. Ashcraft’s palette. Wondering if I should paint the kitchen persimmon?


Here are some curtains I made using the purl bee pattern lovely lined curtains. In case you haven’t noticed, I am seriously enamored with all things purl. In case you are thinking of trying the pattern, it might be worth noting that it recommends pulling a thread to make a straight line for cutting, which is a very clever trick. After a painstaking hour of pulling tiny bits of thread, I couldn’t stand it and zipped through the fabric with my rotary cutter–so satisfying! But, as the pattern forewarns, it’s pretty much impossible to cut a straight line 60-inches long. As you can see below, my lovely lining peeks out from the bottom of one panel, but it’s really only noticeable upon close inspection. The fabric is from Joelle Hoverson’s collection Cake Rock Beach. I love the seaweed pattern, which reminds me that Brooklyn is actually very close to the ocean!