Eve Ashcraft and the Right Color

Last year I went to the NY Book Expo, ostensibly to find out more about English Language text books, but in practice I scoured the floors for art and craft book flyers and freebies. I picked up a flyer for Eve Ashcraft’s book The Right Color thinking it might come in handy. Eve Ashcraft is a color consultant–which is a fantastic job title, plus her name sounds a little like a DIY superhero–for interior design. Her book is based on a selection of twenty-eight colors–the only ones you’ll ever need–for interior paint, anyway. You can see the colors on the wall of her studio, courtesy of Paulette Pascarella. As much as I love color, faced with a fan deck of  paint chips, I’m pretty pleased to have some help whittling it way down.

We are getting ready to have our beige walls painted–yay!–and I am thinking I might stick to Ms. Ashcraft’s palette. Wondering if I should paint the kitchen persimmon?

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