Make: DIY Bead Bracelets

It’s a bright, bedazzled time of year in New England–so why not make some bling to match the season? With an assortment of glass beads in glossy fall¬†colors, you can add a little autumn to your arms.

What you need:

stretchy elastic

glass beads

jewelry pieces (I found little silvery leaves and golden bars at my local craft store)

To make:¬†Cut a piece of elastic about 8 or 9 inches long. Tie a knot at one end and thread your beads onto the elastic until you’ve created a strand that fits around your wrist. Firmly knot the elastic (this can be tricky–a couple of times I pulled too hard on the elastic and broke the strand, scattering teeny beads everywhere to the delight of my cat). Trim the ends. Make some for a friend!

Roundup: Fall Crafts

Time for an autumn craft round-up! Why not paint leaves? I’ve ironed leaves in sandwiches of wax paper, after all. I also once sewed a patchwork cat–a pattern from a Denyse Schmidt quilt book, but things went askew for me and the kitty came out lopsided and scrawny. Do any of these inspire you?

1. Painted Leaves by Small for Big

2. Gray Patchwork Cat by Purlbee

3. Felt Leaf Garland by A Beautiful Mess

4. Printed Leaf Tags by Skip to My Lou

5. Felt Acorns by Free People blog

6. Halloween Peg Dolls by Mr. Printables