Make: Crochet Discs

My friend Janet is a crochet wonder! She made these foldable, flyable, crocheted Frisbees for me to celebrate the publication of my book FLIP! How the Frisbee Took Flight (out *this* week)! You can tuck one in your pocket and take it to the park or fling it around your house–it won’t dent your walls or a human person.

When it comes to crochet, I’m a true novice. But if you’re interested in stitching a yarn flying disc, I found this super sweet video with clear, easy instructions by Jayda InStitches. Let me know if you give it a twirl!

Check out for more information about Flip! You can order your copy at Indiebound, Target, Barnes & Noble, Amazon or at your favorite neighborhood book shop. 

2 thoughts on “Make: Crochet Discs

  1. These look like tiny berets — and yet they actually do fly! Very charming — and what a nice way to celebrate FLIP! I’m looking forward to getting my very own copy.

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