Marbles, buttons, super balls, rotary phones–I seem compelled to collect the bits and pieces of life.  Beachcomber, gutter forager, accumulator! I aspire to minimalism, but miss it by a long shot. Here is a glimpse into the galleries of my personal museum. What do you collect? And how do you display (or not) your treasures?

5 thoughts on “Collections!

  1. Small collections are charming. As long as they don’t overtake everything. I collect spinning tops and have a small collection of old cameras. We aim for minimalism too so it’s a challenge to find a balance. Your collections are awesome. I especially love the phones and the pens!

    • Thanks! I agree about overtaking element. Small and simple! Of course, it’s a full time job to keep the flotsam of life (the endless school papers! the avalanche of mail order catalogs!) at bay!

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