Quilt Colors! (Step 2)

A month or so ago I resolved to make my first quilt–something that still seems like a sin of hubris. The Audacity of Quilting! So here I am, taking my second, wobbly step. I have a pattern (the Ollalieberry Ice Cream Quilt by Alicia Paulson of Posie Gets Cozy). To avoid the real next step (fabric selection), I sneaked in a half-step: palette!

For a long time, I’ve loved the colors of Ray Eames‘s Crosspatch fabric design (this is a sketch of it, from 1947). The fabric lends itself to quilt inspiration: all those little squares.

Inspired by Brigit’s origami paper sketches, I cut out squares of Benjamin Moore paint chips and played around. Very satisfying–I highly recommend paint chip collage. If only quilting were that easy . . .

The quilt calls for a mix of patterns and one solid, so this is a generalized color scheme not an actual one. I think I’d like the solid to be pale gray and the patterns to be pink/red/orange. Brigit, what do you think? Should I stick with white as the solid? I like all the pretty flower prints that Alicia uses in her quilt but know they wouldn’t fit into my house–so I’m guessing I’ll end up with brighter, geometric patterns.

Next step: fabric store.

2 thoughts on “Quilt Colors! (Step 2)

  1. I love the paint chips–very clever. I think pale gray would be very good with orange/pink/red. White might be too bright. I love Robert Kaufman Kona Ash as a pale gray (it’s the gray in my eight-point star quilt). I think I’ve read that 70% solid to 30% pattern is a good mix. You might want to use some solids for the oranges and reds, too. It all depends on how busy you want the quilt to feel. Of course, I am super excited that you are starting your quilt! (I just started a green and yellow quilt–so I’ll post some of the blocks this weekend for you to see.)

    • I’m glad you approve of the gray. I saw some Kona gray fabric the other day–maybe it is the shade you’re talking about. It was lovely. The quilt pattern calls for more prints than solids, almost 2 to 1. I think it works because the prints are mostly small and delicate. I like your suggestion to add more solids b/c my prints might be brighter & busier. Yum, love the sound of a green and yellow quilt. Saw one in Denyse Schmidt’s book (I think). It sounds so tennis-y and preppy!

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