Eight-point star quilt

This quilt was adapted from a pattern in Quilting for Peace. The author Katherine Bell kindly pointed out in her instructions that the stars are time consuming–ahem, yes they are, as in they will consume months of your time. But she also notes that the results are worth it, and I have to agree. I learn something new with every quilt. This time I learned all about the stretchiness of fabric cut on the bias. Fortunately, quilts are forgiving of–maybe even improved by–their idiosyncracies. After lots of experimenting with more interesting color combinations, I went with charcoal for the binding. I think it adds an elegant touch.

8 thoughts on “Eight-point star quilt

  1. I knew you were coming close to the end stretch on this quilt and couldn’t wait to open the post. Wowza. Gorgeous. I am blown away! Definitely worth the months of effort! I think the color combo is impeccable. xoxo

  2. I have to admit I was very excited for you to see this! Are you tempted to start quilting?? I have some mini projects to do but then I am thinking of starting another quilt–probably something a little more slapdash.

    • I wish I could see it in person! I posted it to Pinterest, fyi. You are definitely tempting me into quilting–although I can’t imagine ever making something as beautiful as this! I like what you said about how idiosyncrasies make the quilt. That definitely inspires me. I will have to buy quilting attachments for the sewing machine . . . can’t wait to see the “slapdash” quilt a-coming.

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