Your Personal Colorscope

For self-understanding, I like a cocktail of Chinese astrology (Year of Monkey for me) and Western astrology (Libra), sloshed together with a splash of colorscope from Paper Source. This is a newer version with slightly different hues than the one I hang on my office wall, but I still choose strawberry.

Brig–I’m going to say you’re a poppy (maybe because Poppy is your nickname?), but possibly a persimmon. There’s one flaw with the colorscope: no one should identify with things underfoot like gravel or cement. And, really, paper bag? Who’s going to go for that one? Someone who suffers low self-regard but is really into recycling?

2 thoughts on “Your Personal Colorscope

  1. Maybe persimmon with a dash of chocolate–that would make me delicious as well as a good color combo. Poor paper bag people! Still, it makes me laugh to think about it.

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