Japanese Matchbox Art

I’m in (small) love with these matchbox labels from 1920s-40s Japan. Little lovely landscapes of commercial art. I wonder what they’re selling? Five-star dining? Or a particularly elegant gas station with Quik Mart? If you read Japanese, please send us the translations. If not, just enjoy their perfect palettes: baby blue, pink and red; midnight blue, leafy green, and pink; and that rainbow circle? Stunning. Also weirdly reminiscent of my childhood Marimekko bedspread circa 1970s.

By the way, the photos are originally from a flickr set uploaded by Maraid Design. You can also see a survey of the matchbox labels at Buzzfeed.

Also, if you are enamored of small things, check out Look at this Little Thing! Fun for the whole family. My household spent about an hour looking and looking.

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