More ruminations on photo albums

Here is my rather small collection of albums. My trouble isn’t so much the albums as the picture taking. I like to take the same annual photos, but manage to take very few in between. My albums are a little reminiscent of Groundhog’s Day–like each year consists of the same handful of days. My greatest photographic achievement to date was taking a photo of Betty with every elf from A to Z in Santa’s Village, including B, Betty (!). (I can’t wait to do it again next year.)

3 thoughts on “More ruminations on photo albums

  1. Of course, your photo books are so darn pretty! I shouldn’t compare, I know, but I’m realizing that mine are clunky behemoths! I feel more inspired to try something new. Is the Santa’s Village book a photobook or are they actual prints? Love the toothless Betty next to elf!

  2. Do you recognize the album with orange dots? Present from you! The Santa’s Village album is prints, but in a cheap plastic album that Betty got from (appropriately) an LA Santa. I may have to commandeer them and put them in a pretty album…

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