Ruminations on photo albums

What do you do with your photos? I can’t seem to be satisfied with letting them linger in the ethereal digital realm.

I still go for the tangible: I order matte-finished prints with the white borders and then stick them in photo albums with little paper corners. (In case anyone’s wondering, I use Kolo albums.)

(Note Zeke & his pal Birdy looking at a photo of a Zeke & Birdy looking at a photo of Zeke & Birdy looking at a photo . . . )

I have accumulated a lot of albums! I am a sucker for arranging images–but is there a better way to go about archiving my life? Also, I’m perpetually lagging two years behind . . .

I really like this flip book of bicycles from Wren Homemade made with Iphoto and printed by Apple. Making albums with Snapfish, Shutterfly, Kodak, etc. is fun, too, but I don’t love the print quality in the final product. I’d be interested to hear your recommendations–please share!

12 thoughts on “Ruminations on photo albums

  1. I’m a fan of photo books. I feel something’s missing when I don’t print photos, but managing loose photos just ended up being too much. Photobooks are a great compromise. And their aren’t as bulky as albums. I don’t know how the mypublisher photobooks compare in quality to snapfish etc though. Might be the same. I just can’t sustain putting together real albums. Always on the to-do list, never actually gets done.

  2. Thanks for the suggestion, Heather! I’ll check out Do you use it for making calendars, too? The other problem–besides labor intensity–with making old-timey albums is that they can be pricey.

  3. I haven’t done calendars. no idea if they offer them. The books aren’t all that inexpensive either, but they do send out great promo offers often enough to help get the price down. I’m actually working on one now!

  4. I make albums; although, I am much less productive than you! I find the electronic organizing of photos much more daunting than making albums. My computer has huge folders of unnamed photos, most of which are awful. My favorite photo album is one I made with Betty of her with each elf in Santa’s Village, Jefferson NH, from A to Z. We look at it all the time. I’ve also found some great photo albums on Etsy. I love how pretty your shelf looks!

  5. This has been looming over my head since two years after Liam was born…I don’t know how to manage all the digital photos. I was much better when you just got printed photos from the store from a roll of film. I did one great photo album through iPhoto for a Wyoming trip. Totally agree with you on Shutterfly…the photos are too warm in color. I love your blog. I can hear your voice and it’s just perfect. (And love your photo album pages…!!)

  6. Thanks, Marcie! I miss you guys! I’ve been seeing a lot of stuff online about altering t-shirts, but nothing as cute as Fiona in hers. Notice how all of my photos are taken at the lake? I barely pick up my camera in the winter. Who wants to see all that gruesome snow?

  7. Snapfish. Just because that’s where we set up an account a while ago. I’m too lazy to comparative shop! But the prints are decent quality. I select matte finish with the white borders–and I always wait for one of the special deals: 100 prints for 1 cent, or free shipping, or something to reduce the cost. What’s your blog? I’d love to read your ruminations!

  8. Mainly I feel jealous of your photo books…but…I like to use my Picassa and spend far too many late night hours making photo collages of my most recent photos. I did one recently of photos of my baby’s hands and feet, or strawberry picking.I usually print out one on my home printer and then if really love it, I order it on snapfish as a print. I am about to make one that I take every year of my girls on the porch going to thier first day of school.

  9. Megalita! You inspire me. Maybe collage is my next way to go. When you order a collage as a print, how big do you go? Do you hang them on the wall–or put them in an album? And when you say “my baby” are you perchance referring to the most gorgeous munchkin in the world?

  10. margalita, i haven’t framed any yet. Mainly I make them and carry them to work. And yes, thosse are the baby feet of the magnificent Zayden!

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