Cute as a spare button

Buttons are cute. Even the word button is cute. So I figured I couldn’t go wrong printing an image of a button (using a hand-drawn and hand-cut freezer paper stencil) on this little muslin drawstring bag I had in my drawer. (Oh yeah, the bag once held the spare buttons to a sweater I had bought a while ago.)

Then I got really carried away and made this onesie. I realize the letters aren’t exactly centered, but I’m hoping you won’t notice. I don’t have any wee babies in my life, so if you do have one who happens to be 13 to 18 lbs., and who is verifiably as cute as a button, I will send this onesie to you!

5 thoughts on “Cute as a spare button

  1. Oh my! These are so cute. One of my favorite toys as a kid was my mom’s button collection. Buttons are so appealing! Did you also freezer paper stencil the letters on the onesie? The font is perfect. B.

  2. Thx, B. I stamped the letters with alphabet rubber stamps. My friend Cath does this on t-shirts and onesies, but I had never tried it before. Much easier than I thought–except for the detail of centering and aligning, which I skipped (obviously!).

  3. My friend and I are getting ready to make some “Welcome Nana” onesies for her 3 week old daughter tomorrow for when her MIL arrives later this week! I was trying to find ideas and came across this post and the freezer paper trick!! I tend to become really klutzy right as I’m about to finish an otherwise flawless project….so this seems like an amazing little trick to prevent that from happening!!! As for the stamps you use…are they just the type that you would use with an ink pad?! Like the ones you can get for kids homework/projects?! And I happen to know a little lady named Aubree Anne who would be an absolutely perfect candidate for your “cute as a button” onesie if it’s still available!!! OOOHHH…also…do you have an suggestions for cute sayings or designs for a welcome nana or nice to meet you nana onesie?!

    • I’m so glad you’re going to give the freezer paper stencils a try! It’s really fun to peel back & see the results. Yep, the stamps are just the ordinary rubber type you use with an ink pad. I’d love to send Aubree Anne the onesie–send your snail mail & I’ll ship it out to you! I’d love to have a bonafied cutie wear it! I didn’t come up with any super cute nana sayings: “I heart Nana” is the classic, of course. Good luck with your project! Post us the results if you have time.

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