Painted hunt table

And … here is the painted table. The color is just what I imagined. My handiwork is not perfect–I find that painting furniture is much harder to do well than it seems. The cable box is also a bit of an eyesore, but so essential! I am really pleased to have such a tidy place to stow my napkins. Wouldn’t it be nice to have an array of polka dotted napkins in each little cubby?

6 thoughts on “Painted hunt table

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    • These chairs look smashing by the gorgeous lake! Perfection. Did you add a sealant on top of the paint? I did with my hunt table and it reacted oddly with my gray blue. Somehow it pulled the color from the original mahogany stain into the paint. One drawer has a slight pink tinge–oh well.

    • Thanks! The paint is Valspar (the brand they sell at Lowe’s) and the color is Shark Loop. I used matte paint and then finished with a matte sealant. Good luck with your project!

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