Very easy projects for pretty fabrics

Sometimes I buy fabric that seems almost too pretty to use. Recently, I bought half a yard of this Marimeko fabric that I was both eager and reluctant to use. In cases like this I opt for an easy project that almost keeps the fabric in tact. Here are three projects that really showcase a beautiful fabric.

1. Simple envelope enclosure pillow. If your fabric is about the right size for your pillow form, you hardly have to waste any, and you can finish in no time. I used most of my Marimeko fabric for this pillow. Download the easy instructions here:  Simple Envelope Enclosure Pillow.

2. Napkins. For this project, I use Martha Stewart’s pattern for linen napkins from her Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts. Just add a fancy hem to your pretty fabric and voila. I have to say making this hem is super satisfying–one of the rare things in my sewing life that really comes out perfect. (The only problem, of course, is that you actually have to let people use your beautiful cloth napkins. But, I’m a firm believer in not saving things for special occasions, and this hem will stand up to lots of trips through the washer.)

3. Double-gauze receiving blanket. This pattern from purl bee makes wonderful use of Japanese double-gauze fabric and shot cotton. This fabric is so beautiful, and you hardly do anything to it–just sew two squares together then add a running stitch in embroidery thread around the border. I made a blanket for a friend’s baby and I hear it was a very popular item!

4 thoughts on “Very easy projects for pretty fabrics

  1. I once received as a gift a yard of polka-dotted cotton that I liked so much that I saved it for 12 years! (I finally used it in an apron for my sister’s Christmas gift.) I love your pillow and napkins. I have also wondered about those lovely tidy hems on my store-bought napkins. I’m inspired to try a few. Thanks.

  2. Gorgeous, B.! You’ve been busy! I love the napkins, especially–they appeal to my sense of making pleasing things quickly!

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