Red and white quilt extravaganza!

As promised, here is more about the upcoming Folk Art Museum exhibit–Infinite Variety: Three Centuries of Red and White Quilts. Some amazing facts to ponder:

  • All 650 quilts come from one person’s collection! OK, that is just staggering. I struggle to find a place to stash our duvets in the summer, but perhaps Joanna S. Rose is not a New Yorker… I can’t wait to find out about more about this fascinating lady.
  • The exhibit is free.
  • It will be the largest gathering of quilts in New York City, ever.

So, people get ready. This is an exhibit not to be missed. (March 25 to 30 at the Park Avenue Armory, 643 Park Avenue, NYC.)

3 thoughts on “Red and white quilt extravaganza!

  1. It makes me want to hoard: one woman, 650 quilts! The show looks amazing. On the first quilt, I notice the little houses have doors, or door/windows–not unlike your little barracks. How are the little barracks placemats coming along btw?

  2. I love a super focused collection like that. I guess it helps that I love red and white. My little blocks are still just that–waiting for just the right project. I started some new placemats that just need binding, so almost done!

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