In Which I Hereby Resolve to Make a Quilt

These days everyone seems to be scripting a bucket list, a personal to-do tally of what they hope to accomplish before expiration date. You know, climb Kiliminjaro, run a marathon, plummet from a bridge via bungee cord.

Not me. No thanks. I hope never to plummet. My bucket list is safer & closer to home, and contains only one item: Make a g–ddam quilt! I blame Brigit for the inspiration.

(Photo reprinted with permission)

So . . . I bought the Ollalieberry Ice Cream Quilt pattern (pictured above) in downloadable pdf form from Alicia Paulson’s blog, Posie Gets Cozy. Am I deluded in thinking the rows of squares make it look kind of easy-ish? Here’s to the ever-hopeful. And if you’re not scaling mountains or marathon training, be sure to check out Posie Gets Cozy. Alicia’s photos and projects are beautiful.

Keep posted for the next installment of what I’m sure will be a death-defying adventure in quilting . . .

Triangle table runner


For such a little thing, this project took me quite a while–all those teeny triangles. I also decided to hand quilt, something I really enjoy but only on a small scale. Can you see that the triangles are not perfect, or technically not triangles at all? I was so focused on getting the top points right and the rows aligned, I kind of forgot about the sides. I am starting to understand why Boo Davis, author of Dare to Be Square, only works with squares. I am pleased with the neutral palette. I decided to mix in some subtle prints, and they add some interest without making it too busy.