Thinking about Sweden

I am now living in Florida, where it is very hot and very steamy.  So, Sweden is extremely appealing. In the Truman Show-like village near my house–think very cute clapboard houses and little village green strung with lights–there is lovely shop that carries European housewares, mostly from Sweden. Marimeko and felted gnomes–hooray! Before we moved here (did I mention that my parents’ house is less than a mile from our new house?) I always made a point to visit Marianne Coveney, European Essentials. All my favorite dishes come from here. So does my favorite ornamental chicken (totally essential). I am delighted that the store is now within walking distance. I adore my new house and it deserves some Swedish knick knacks.

Some other Swedish things I love? Jessica Jones, How About Orange blogger and textile designer, has a new fabric collection, Outside Oslo. Surely something in my house needs sprucing up with this delightful fabric. I think some laundry bags will make the task of doing laundry–in my own house!–even more pleasant. Although, these pillows from the blog look pretty awesome.

Scadanavian Needlecraft. I got this book for Christmas, and have yet to make anything. It has some lovely embroidery designs and somthing in my house will soon be sporting one of them.

Painted Swedish furniture. This “hunt table,” as my parents call it, is sitting in my garage (thanks Mum and Dad!) waiting to be painted pale gray-blue. I am tempted, really tempted, to paint some sort of folksy motif on there, but I don’t think anyone else will sign off on that. Maybe just on the inside of the doors? Don’t you think that would excellent?