Make: Little Things

I spent the rainy weekend making miniatures. I have made a tiny chest of drawers before (although never with leftover torrone boxes), but the wee gum ball machine was a moment of pure Lilliputian inspiration.

I’m planning to bring my creations to school and install them in the shoebox house that the students have been building in our library makerspace. Fingers crossed that they will flip out.

If you are so inclined to make your own mini gum ball machine, you need one of those plastic bubbles (which, yes, come from gum ball machines); colorful teeny beads, and some sort of spool. I think you can intuit the rest but make sure to arm yourself with a hot glue gun.

Happy 2016, folks~


Tooth Fairy Chest of Drawers

After some not-so-patient waiting, my almost-seven-year-old lost his first tooth. To celebrate, I made him this Tooth Fairy chest. The Tooth Fairy was tired of all those sweet little pillows! She wanted furniture. 

 a drawer for the tooth

 a drawer for the note to the Tooth Fairy


If you are an extremely attentive reader of this blog, you may have noticed that I’ve made this matchbox chest of drawers before. But hey, I repurposed it so it counts. The how-to is here. Also, if you are looking for some excellent Tooth Fairy literature, check out April and Esme, by Bob Graham–the best of its genre, I promise.