Lego Miniman!

Oh yeah, we did. We spent a Saturday making Lego miniman heads for our annual neighborhood Halloween party. Those are hours we will never retrieve.

But of course it was worth it. We bought concrete form tubes (also called Sonotubes) at the hardware store: 10″ diameter for larger grown-up noggins, 8″ inch diameter for kid craniums. We sawed the tube into individual helmets, then traced cardboard circles for the tops. We used sponge for the “connectors.” And spray-painted the whole deal bright Lego yellow.

We skipped the rest of the costume because, even though we made an effort, we weren’t going to go overboard on effort. (Here is a link to some folks who went above and beyond in making Lego costumes.) The Lego miniman smirk was the best part of the helmet, I think. The worst parts: no peripheral vision and gradual, but undeniable, aphyxiation. Happy Halloween!

LEGO Birthday Party!

If you’re wondering (in a few years), why I can’t afford to send my kids to college, the answer is simple.

We’ve drained the college fund to buy LEGOs.

But as they say, carpe diem. Seize the LEGOs. This is Zeke’s 6th birthday–but it’s his second LEGO-themed birthday party. And for the occasion, my mom baked LEGO cake!

For the record, it took her 7 hours. But she’s sharing her secrets on how to make a LEGO Birthday Cake here–so it won’t take you nearly as long. She also found help from Betty Crocker.

Other party highlights:

1. Pin the Button on the LEGO. By “button,” I mean those little knobby connectors on a LEGO brick. (Over the years I’ve learned that variations on Pin the Tail are always a party favorite. I’m not sure why!)

2. Wacky, Crazy LEGO contest. All contestants get a bowl of mixed-up LEGO pieces and they have to build something strange, weird and wonderful with them. We gave out minifigure surprise packs for prizes.

(Zeke is working diligently. Notice other revelers behind him are more intent on throwing balloons around.)

3. Goody bags. Candy LEGOs, free LEGO magazines (you can pick up a bunch at a LEGO store), and some grab-bag LEGOs (At the LEGO store near us, you can buy a big ziploc bag with an assortment of pieces for $7–a great deal.) Throw in some granola bars and sugarless gum for good measure.