Look What Lila Made: Tree Teepee

My 7-year-old niece Lila is an idea generator. Fabulous ideas pop into her brain at unprecedented rate.

This teepee was inspired by a pile of leftover hemlock trimmings. Lila wanted to make something Christmas-y out of them, maybe an evergreen home for one of her favorite stuffed animals. Luckily for Lila, she has a ready crew (in the form of her mom), willing and able to make her ideas a reality.

With some yarn and thick branches, Lila and her mom made a teepee frame first, twisting the yarn around where the branches meet at the top. Then they covered the frame with the hemlock, tying bits from the top of the teepee. The woodland house is in a cozy, mossy spot, with ample room for forest creatures, stuffed animals, and one 7-year-old.