Wee folk

Doesn’t this wee creation remind you of Fisher Price Little People? And I’m not talking about those bulbous plastic guys the toy company makes today–I mean the old-school wooden peg people that unfortunately were small enough to be choking hazards. (I never once thought of chewing Little People myself, but my brother and I did routinely place them in the Habitrail where our gerbils nibbled off their little heads.)

I spotted this beret-sporting Lilliputian at a kids’ craft fair at my local library. My friend’s 12-year-old daughter Grace made it out of Sculpey clay. She even fashioned French accessories to go with it: a baguette & a slab of fromage!

Of course, my kids had to try it at home: so we rolled some Fimo (Sculpey, or any polymer clay will do), poked eyes with toothpicks, and baked (per instructions, 30 minutes @ 230 F). We made miniatures of each member of our extended family with eensy IPads, skis, and pets to go with them. 

Aunt Julie with her cat named Little Head