Painted Stairway to Heaven

OK, after the euphoria from my ombre* porch swing project¬†finally died down, I’ve been fixating on what glorious thing I could do bedazzle and otherwise beautify my back staircase. I mean, look at all the possibilities:

I’m so inspired (read confused) that I’m in a state of inertia. I keep reminding myself that it’s just the back staircase–it’s where the litter box is, for God’s sake! We’re not talking about the grand entrance of Tara in Gone With the Wind.¬†Whatever I manage to do to the stair risers, they’re going to be scuffed and sprinkled in kitty litter, so it should be all in good fun.

*ombre–for folks who don’t frequent Pinterest and aren’t in the know about the world of ombre, the term is French for shaded. It’s very, very sophisticated.