Ombré porch swing


I’ve been meaning to paint something pink, so this project satisfied that urge–times five. The whitewash on the porch swing at our family’s summer cottage had turned dishwater gray so it seemed perfect for a little ombre. I bought Benjamin Moore color samples in a range of five pinks: elephant pink, ribbon pink, strawberry sorbet, autumn red, and italiano rose. I mean, who could resist those names?

This paint job was deeply pleasing but also time intensive and tedious–all those little spaces! I used to painter’s tape to demarcate the ombre pattern on the runners on the back of the swing, which I mention here out of pride (I think it looks swell). I’m hooked now–and considering painting the risers on my back stairwell in ombre . . . stay tuned.

Candy-Colored Chairs

These hues are not for the faint of heart. While Brigit just painted her side table an elegant pale blue, I’ve been dipping my brush into Ben Moore’s Orange Juice, Tequila Lime, Pink Raspberry, and Summer Blue for a set of unfinished Adirondack chairs for my parent’s lake cottage. The Ben Moore online color gallery describes Orange Juice as a “deeply energizing” color that “captures the essence of early morning vitality and vigor.” How could I resist? And how can I get a job writing color descriptions for Mr. Moore?

Hmmm. Coffee and fish egg bait. Also known to be deeply energizing.