Pippi Stitches

Pippi Stitch

Lately I’ve been trying to summon more Pippi into my life: her strength and irreverence, her mismatched socks and gravity-defying braids. If you know and love Astrid Lindgren’s creation, you know what I mean. If you don’t, you’ll have to get yourself a copy of the classic (preferably the one with Lauren Childs’s paper-cut illustrations). On a recent night, my friend gathered a bunch of us and invited us to make something that would inspire us in the months to come. I decidedly to embroider–sloppily, unevenly, in Pippi fashion–one of my favorite quotations from the book: “I have never tried that before so I should definitely be able to do that.” Here’s to that!

3 thoughts on “Pippi Stitches

  1. Love this embroidery. I recently saw the movie, Becoming Astrid. Her legacy should be remembered. It is in Sweden and maybe in Japan, but not so much here in the US.

      • When you see the movie have a box of tissues nearby, it’s an emotional rollercoaster.. The music is beautiful too. What is the name of the biography? I am busy being a vendor at our farmers’ market. I hand-dye locally sourced yarn using natural dyes. I’m trying to perfect my spinning so I can sell my handspun. I really love both the dyeing and the spinning. I have a new FB page called From Straw to Gold if you want to see some of my yarn. Happy to connect with you, Margaret.

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