Read & Make: Terrific Tongues! Giveaway

*Publisher giveaway* for U.S. residents–The giveaway offer has now ended. Congratulations to Erin Ellis! 

You can clean your eyeballs with your tongue (if you happen to be a gecko). Or you can use your tongue as a lance (if you’re a woodpecker impaling a larva). And if you’re a snake, you can smell with your tongue.

Frog party blower by homemadecity.comI learned about these fun tongues in Maria Gianferrari’s playful, informative picture book, Terrific Tongues! (with spirited, bright illustrations by Jia Liu). An inviting read-aloud, the simple text keeps the audience guessing at each turn of the page: Which tongue (with which function) belongs to which animal? Sidebars and back matter offer more detailed information about the unusual abilities of tongues.


If you (or a young someone you know) would like to take a turn unraveling your tongue just like a North American bullfrog, here’s a project to try.

What You Need:


party blowers (in red or pink)

1 sheet of card stock green paper

color paper (construction, origami, whatever you have)

Frog Party Blower template

optional: googly eyes


Using the template above, trace the frog shape onto your green card stock. Cut along the outline. Use a hole punch to cut out the circle/mouth hole. Trace and cut out the cheeks, eyes and pupils onto color paper of your choice. Glue the eyes and cheeks to the frog. Insert the blower into the mouth & voila. You are a bullfrog! Perfect for a birthday party or a book celebration of Terrific Tongues!

To learn more about author Maria Gianferrari, go to or visit her on Facebook or Instagram.





38 thoughts on “Read & Make: Terrific Tongues! Giveaway

  1. Wow – this is a FANTASTIC craft pairing for Maria and Jia’s TERRIFIC TONGUES!
    Bravo Margaret! You are so talented!

  2. Margaret–thank you so much for this terrific craft!! Cathy is right–you are incredibly creative & talented and I am lucky to reap the benefits! 🙂

  3. As a person who adores frogs (I have some as pets and decorations) I have to read this book and make some fun frogs myself.

  4. Hi Margaret! This makes me happy for so many reasons. 🙂 I’m so glad to have a chance to check out your site – it’s fantastic! Congratulations to you, and happy book birthday to Maria!

  5. Cleaning your eyeballs with your tongue? I had no idea!! This looks like a really fun book and project, and your colorful photos are a pleasure too.

  6. These are so clever–will be fun for school visits! Kids will be attempting to clean each other’s eyeballs with their tongues:-)

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