Trinkets & Trifles

Glass ornaments, spools of thread, a wind-up Woodstock: these are our trinkets and treasures from a quick stop at an estate sale. I brought my ten-year-old with me because he likes to find gems in the rough, too. (The wind-up Woodstock is his find.) He was very good company, despite the fact that he begged for the broken-down behemoth of a piano marked “free” in the basement of the house.

The clothbound Heidi reminds me of the pretty covers of the recent Penguin Hardcover Classics series designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith, and the greenish, bluish ceramic tray looks kinda like a Russel Wright if you squint a little. Now I need to purge some of my clutter to make space for the new/old tchotchkes . . .

7 thoughts on “Trinkets & Trifles

  1. I love the bowl that the thread is in! I have a one that’s similar in color, though it doesn’t have separate compartments. It was my grandmother’s :). Oldies, but goodies.

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