Days of Summer

I realized I hadn’t posted in a while mostly because we’ve been busy doing a whole lot of nothing–floating down rivers, lingering over afternoon Monopoly games, looking out at a big delicious bowl of lake. Those of us with steel stomachs tried the centrifugal forces of the Zipper and the Tornado, while others of us (in our middle years, ahem) kept our feet on the ground, walking and hiking. I wish I could bottle and cork a bit of these green days to open during the short dark months of winter. Happy summer to you all (there’s a couple weeks of it left)!

2 thoughts on “Days of Summer

  1. Oh, New England! We are sweltering here in FLA in the perverse position of wishing a speedy end to summer, gleeful about the return to school, and counting the days to daylight savings…enjoy the last weeks of glorious summer in beautiful N.E.!

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