Creative Kid: Make a God’s Eye

After a morning of cannonballs and pencil dives off the dock, followed by an epic Wiffle ball game, we were finally ready for some quiet time at the lake. The cousins, ages 7 through 9, helped me try out this camp favorite, the God’s eye. We had about 6 skeins of yarn and a bunch of sticks from the pine forest. We followed the directions from and Aunt Annie (the illustrations at Aunt Annie were helpful). Our process was only a little different from the directions: we didn’t use glue, so to bind the sticks together, we wound and wound the yarn around them (making for messier centers) and to secure at the end, we just tied off the yarn.

Tips for kids:

  1. The kids said it was easier when I got the whole thing going first so the sticks were bound well before they took over.
  2. For those with less dexterous fingers, I helped by holding and rotating the sticks, so smaller hands could focus on weaving.

God's Eye by

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