Honey, I Shrunk the Quilt!

My 2013 resolution: make a quilt.

Check. Completed, and just under the wire.

2013-12-15 11.11.07-1


OK, enough already. Maybe I fudged it a bit and made a teeny-tiny wee quilt. Don’t be so particular! But ain’t it cute? It only took about 15 minutes to make versus the never-endingness of its queen-size version. (If anyone’s curious, I cut 2-inch squares, pieced together, made a mini-quilt sandwich with some on-hand batting, and finito. That’s how to quilt, man.)

And to go with the little quilt and the little bed, a little cupboard that I recently found in a Concord, Mass. junk shop:

2013-11-10 11.45.29-2

3 thoughts on “Honey, I Shrunk the Quilt!

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