Painted Rocks Round Up

Rock art is a perfect project for hunchbacked, myopic beach combers like myself. I mean, what to do with those treasured stockpiles of rocks anyway? Don’t even get me started about the shells.

To make these garden markers, I grabbed what I had on hand–rocks, black Sharpie, white gel pen, and Mod Podge. The white gel pen didn’t last long–I’ve since read that white paint markers work far better. I’m going to make more–there’s something so appealing about doodling on a rock!  Here are some other nifty ideas:

Row 1, left to right: Ladybug and bumblebee tic-tac-toe from Chicken Scratch; rock dominoes from Martha Stewart

Row 2: Painted rocks by giochi di carta; herb markers from August Wren; and rock doodles from The Art of Being Creative

One thought on “Painted Rocks Round Up

  1. I was wondering what you were up to with painted rocks! Of course, I love that poppy rock. I need to go on a rock hunt!

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