Holiday Card Display

My small apartment just won’t allow a lot of holiday display. There’s no fireplace, no mantle, and not a lot of surface area that isn’t already buried in unopened mail.

2012-12 Christmas Card Ribbon 007  2012-12 Christmas Card Ribbon 015

So I’m pleased that I found a happy solution to showing off holiday cards (many of which have come from Brigit over the years–like the great fabric tree above). I bought a couple of yards of pretty ribbon, cut two slots inside each card with an X-acto, and threaded the ribbon through. Now the cards are hanging merrily along a doorway–festive but not cluttered. Also it’s my favorite type of project: low-skill, low-cost, and high in satisfaction. Merry Festivus, folks.

2012-12 Christmas Card Ribbon 021

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