Dollhouse renovations, part 1

Here is my old dollhouse, shipped over from England when we moved in 1977, in the early stages of renovation. I love how the glue remnants on the wall make it look like a condemned crack house. I am giving my daughter free rein to update the interior,  so we had a great day scraping off layers of wallpaper and ripping up felt carpeting–seriously dusty and gross. This house was a major part of my childhood, and truth be told my early teenage years. It will be a test to see how “free” I can really let her be. I have landmarked the exterior, since my dad is still very proud of his handiwork. (He worked through the night to have the house painted for my birthday morning.) We have plans to make a hot pink sectional sofa, and some pendant lamps. So, expect more dollhouse posts in coming weeks!

3 thoughts on “Dollhouse renovations, part 1

  1. Very cool. My childhood dollhouse remains at my parents’ where my neice is attacking it! Can’t wait to see the sectional!

    • My niece is visiting this week, so that was part of the impetus to remove dollhouse from my parents’s house! What type of wood did you use to make the furniture in “A&Z”‘s dollhouse?

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