Coffee Can Art Caddy

I couldn’t throw out these coffee cans. They have the silver bullet look of a vintage Airstream–and you know how I feel about gleaming old campers.

So I attached ribbon handles to make art caddies. Which sounds sweet but was actually a little violent–I pierced holes (vertically) in the sides by pounding on the end of a iron file with a hammer. Noisy and satisfying.

Threading and knotting the ribbon was the trickiest part. I folded the ribbon to thread through a 1/2 inch slot and used a lot of ribbon length to make a knot inside the can, trimming the extra after I made the knot. They work great for our art supplies, but I could picture them filled with plastic spoons and forks or napkins for outdoor summer meals & parties.

2 thoughts on “Coffee Can Art Caddy

  1. So clever! And so tidy … maybe such appealing containers would encourage my child not to mangle her art supplies. I’m inspired to instill some order!

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