Potholder Mania!

Remember these? Potholders are a childhood summer camp classic, along with gimp bracelets and popsicle stick God’s Eyes.

My friend Addie, age 10, (whose hennaed hands are pictured here) reintroduced me to the joy of potholder production. I bought a kit from Harrisville Designs and a big bag of extra cotton loops. (Times have changed since the seventies: no more polyester!)

My six-year-old and I are planning to make a box by stitching together five potholders with embroidery thread. At our rate of potholder production, supply is likely to outweigh demand–at which point we’ll be doling them out to every living relative.

8 thoughts on “Potholder Mania!

  1. I really need some potholders, so we would welcome your surplus! Or you can use them to decorate. Check out the potholder wall display on http://petitevanou.tumblr.com/ (You have to look quickly since this blogger is constantly adding photos of pretty pastel interiors and cutesy crafts–very fun distraction in my beige and brown office setting!)

  2. I use my loom (and bought bigger ones) to make “rugs” from plastic bags. Just saw a special on CBS that said plastic grocery bags go to landfills, and ARE NOT RECYCLED, because they are not clean plastic. Anyway, I make them for rugs around my camper and when using camp showers.

  3. I am 68 years old. My mother and other women of that age used yarn to make squares and put them together to make baby blankets. You could make bigger blankets. They were very simple and attractive and functional.

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