Add some clutter!

What’s not to love about the Eames? But, what I really love about this recreation of their living room–on exhibit at LACMA and posted on–is how much stuff they have.  After years of living in small spaces and reducing clutter (do not ask my daughter about the great Barbie purge of 2011), clearing surfaces, and minimizing in general, I am ready to gather some stuff (take that Real Simple!). There is an art to curated clutter and it starts with things that you love. In the past, when I happened upon some little thing that caught my eye, I would ask myself, “but where would I put it?” and pass. I plan to take some inspiration from this lovely lived-in room and follow my fancy a little more. Hurray for Charles and Ray!

8 thoughts on “Add some clutter!

  1. Karen Shimoda and I (did you work with her?) actually went to see this exhibit a few weeks ago. There were lots of elements of it that made it seem like what’s old is new again. It’s not evident from the photo, but I was surprised at how much stuff was on the floor. Lots of little collections of things too. Very interesting.

    Absolutely LOVE the co. design website too!

  2. Hi Heather! I used to live across the street from LACMA and so wish I still did just to see this exhibit. V. jealous you got to see it in person, and with Karen (yes, I did work with her). I bet she was a great museum-going companion.

    • Very cool. She’s not in LA anymore, I wish she was. I’ve seen the Getty too but am very interested in exploring the MOCA as well. I’m loving the art scene in LA. That was an unexpected bonus of moving here.

      • I agree! I think LAs museums are so great. I love the Getty, and LACMA is so accessible. I never got to see the new Renzo Piano wing–is it fabulous?

  3. Barbie purge of ’11–a devastating time for all of us, indeed.
    When I was little, I had a memory game with Eames images on them–old toys, knick knacks, great patterns–all photographed from their own stuff. They were beautiful!

    • G-Kate was so mod! Eames cards, Marimeko bedding, your lovely teak desk. Weren’t you reading an Eames biography some years back? I remember you really enjoying it…do you remember the author? I think Tom would really like to read it.

      • By Pat Kirkham, MIT Press. I remember it talking about how they worked together as a couple. Ray had much less visibility (maybe by her own choice), but she was sooo talented. Her fabric design is perfect (and I think you can still buy it today, for a pretty penny). Apparently, they both prefered wearing a kind of signature look: bow-ties for Charles, girl-like jumpers and ribbons for Ray. They didn’t waver! No passing fads for them.

  4. There was an article in the NYT recently about Ray’s style. A signature look is very appealing. She was the color genius of the pair–although I think she stuck to black and white in her clothing.

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