Valentine treat bag, part 2

I was so inspired by Margaret’s awesome bags that I decided to make one of my own. I made this beauty in less than an hour. Drawstring bags are a great way to personalize any gift. I once made a set of small ones as birthday party goody bags. My daughter’s friends liked the bags much more than any of the trinkets inside. I think stenciled initials would be lovely for a special birthday party.

2 thoughts on “Valentine treat bag, part 2

  1. Oh Brig, we are so affinite! Love the white heart on red fabric–did you use regular white fabric paint? And I think it’s funny that we both posted with so little time to spare . . . down to the wire! xoxo

    • I was all set to skip Valentine’s this year when I saw your post. Too cute to pass up, and easy! I did use white fabric paint. So much fun. I hung the bag on Betty’s door knob and she loved it.

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