Felt tree skirt

It’s a rare occurance when I am able to dream something up and then make it just as I imagined. This tree skirt was one of those lucky projects. I used Wollfilz felt by the yard from purl soho in red and ecru. This felt is so lovely and forgiving to work with. My first circle was a little ovoid, but it was easy to trim the felt into a nice round shape. For the design, I wanted something playful but not too cutesy, and I think the limited palette helps. I drew the animals on cardstock to make a template and then traced three of each animal directly on the ecru felt. Then I cut out the animals and sewed them onto the red background using a simple running stitch. I added some minimal embriodered details to give each animal a little personality. My greatest accomplishment?  Dusting off my geometry skills to figure out the measurements for the circle and the petal border.

The little houses are my next project. I am going to paint them this week, so will post the finished product soon! If anyone would like pattern details for the tree skirt, let me know and I would be happy to share.

6 thoughts on “Felt tree skirt

  1. Gorgeous and amazing! I agree: it came out just as I imagined it! I can’t see the running stitch on the animals–is it really there? When are you getting the tree?

  2. I decided to use white thread so the stiches would not be prominent. I did add a running stich in green around all the petals, which helps give the cut edge of the felt a more finished look. Getting the tree this weekend. BTW finished that paper garland–v. time consuming and spatially challenging but looks good! Will post soon.

  3. More questions: Did you make the pattern yourself? Did you design the adorable animals, too? Tell all. Do I have a pray of reproducing?? I mean, *after* I get my new sewing machine for Christmas (which I will purchase for myself if no one else takes the hint)?

    • I did make the pattern myself, but it was pretty simple. Basically I figured out how to make the cicle and the border in the right dimensions. The animals are ones that I like to doodle (long boring meetings are very good for perfecting cute animal shapes). I think you could very easily make this–and personlize the design. I’ll write a pattern and post soon. Yay! You’re getting a sewing machine. Very exciting. Mine definitely ranks as best present ever.

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