Matchbox House

More elfin houses . . . for this one I drew floorplans that fit inside a matchbox.


If you take a childlike pleasure in coloring, or if you happen to have an actual child who likes to color (and has excellent fine motor skills), I made tiny coloring pages so you can make your own matchbox house.

The exterior wraps around a standard matchbox. Interior is supposed to fit the inside tray but may need some judicious trimming. I used Sharpies for saturated color and generous amounts of glue stick (after failed attempts with other sticky substances) to adhere. Enjoy! And send me pix, please.

41 thoughts on “Matchbox House

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  2. Help!!! coloured mine in then realised the inner room scenes are too big for a normal matchbox, the outer cover too small for a large matchbox. Should i resize the pdf, if so how? What am i doing wrong? i love this and wanted to make one by the way im 50 lol

    • Carol–thanks for pointing this out! I re-did the pdf so it should work. Something funky happened with the other pdf, methinks. Ignore the little floor and ceiling pattern in the middle of the coloring sheet–I was going to add a floor to the inside but decided it was too nutty, even for me. I’m in my forties, by the way, and as obsessed as ever with coloring tiny houses . . .

      • Thanks Margaret can’t wait to print it, shall try and post a picky when I’m done. Think these would make cute gifts with a pack of pens for all ages! 🙂

      • It’s done and much admired. I copied your colour scheme too as was too excited and eager to get going to make up my own. Was going to post a photo but couldn’t on here. Thanks for the new PDF!!

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  4. aaaw this is soooo adorable and such a great and funny idea.
    very lovely, thank you for the sharing and the great designs.
    really awesome;-D

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    • Thanks, Kirsty! Matchboxes seem to come in different sizes. The ones I have currently are 2″ x .5″ x .5″ I did have to do some judicious trimming to make the interior fit. I must have drawn the design for a slightly larger variety of matchbox!

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  11. Hi, I love these so much and especially the way they are coloured. I have never used Sharpies (I’m in the UK) before and there seem to be different kinds. Would you please tell me what sort of Sharpie I need? Thanks for this lovely share : )

  12. I did buy some sharpies but found the colour too sharp (lol) i.e. hard for the matchbox, so I used watercolour pencils instead and I am pleased with the result. I made one as a Christmas present for a friend and put a little person inside. I’d love to send you a pic but I don’t know how. Thank you for giving me a fun time making it. xx

      • Hi Margaret, I am going to use a photo of the matchbox I made on my blog – posting it shortly. Please see ‘Books Stories Poems’ at this address: to see it. I do provide a link to your matchbox further down in the text. I hope this is ok with you. If there is something more I need to do please let me know. I have not featured someone else’s work before. All best, Lesley

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