Fireworks Pillow

Is there a support group for people with a pillow problem? I made more. I confess. But I couldn’t help it. Inspired by Brigit’s post about Jessica Jones’s Outside Oslo fabric line, I ordered a couple of yards (but I chose her Amusement Park line instead).  You can buy the fabric at JCaroline Home. Or, better yet, you can order a chair cover made of Jessica Jones fabric that fits the IKEA Poang chair. Which seriously tempts me. Even though I’ve sworn off IKEA after its insidious circular floor plan left me on the brink of psychological breakdown. So no Poang for me! Even with the nifty chair cover.

2 thoughts on “Fireworks Pillow

  1. These are gorgeous! I love the patterns and the palette! Is it a canvas weight, or quilting cotton? I am in the middle of making an Outside Oslo pillow, so will post when I’m done.

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