Onesies: what haven’t I done to those tiny T-shirts? I’ve embroidered, tie-dyed, and appliqued them. Once I put one on my cat. What can I say? They’re appealing and make great baby gifts. This time, for my friend Megan and her baby-to-be, I personalized some with fabric paint and freezer paper stencils.

Izmylov (is my love) is a faux Russian name that Megan loves. No worries. She didn’t really name the baby that.

I stenciled onto freezer paper and cut out the letters with an X-acto. Then I ironed the freezer paper onto the T-shirt (shiny side down) and painted in the letters with fabric paint. The freezer paper adheres so nicely to the fabric that the lines come out clean. After the paint dries comes the fun part: peeling back the freezer paper! (You will gasp at your own craftiness.) Don’t forget to heat the fabric paint with an iron at the end. This will help avoid laundry meltdowns.

It was so easy, I made one for everyone.

Hot off the presses! Megan’s latest addition:

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