Fabric stacks for new projects

I have a green bookcase in my bedroom that I am really not fond of–what possessed me to buy a translucent green plastic bookcase? But I’ve decided to embrace the green and make cushions and a quilt with yellow, green and blues. Here is a stack of colors for a yellow cushion. I am thinking of a simple squares of color around a center of off-white. All these Kona cottons were purchased from Marmalade Fabrics–my favorite online source for solids.


And here is a stack of colors for a quilt. It’s practically spring here in Florida (sorry New Englanders!) so these colors are perfect for a room refresh.


12 Fabrics for Happy Campers

The best part about planning/procrastinating about a sewing project? Fishing online for fabrics.

I’m on the lookout for something campy or woodsy that will work well with a VW bus homemade print (a revised version of this project). Campers will be happy: there are prints with faux woodgrain, forest creatures, tents and teepees, and summer skies alit with fireflies. Now I wish I had an Airstream to outfit. Here are a dozen prints that go great with s’mores:

L to R, top row: Teagan White, Fort Firefly, Critter Camp; Jay-Cyn Designs, Mod Basics 2, Knotty Bois Coral; Monaluna Circa 52, Woodland Party

Second row: Deena Rutter Scenic Route, Woodgrain Teal; Eric & Julie Comstock for Moda, S’more Love; Sarah Jane, Wee Wander, Glow Friends Sea

Third row: Jay Cyn Designs, Feather River, River Rally; Deena Rutter, Scenic Route, Trees Blue; Deena Rutter, Scenic Route, Critters Cream;

Bottom row: Allison Cole, Happy Camper, Teepees Orange; Allison Cole, Happy Camper, Woodgrain Orange; Teagan White, Fort Firefly, Jars Gold

Many of these prints are from Birch Organic Fabrics, which you can purchase at Fabricworm.com.

Valentine Lunch Box Surprise

Sweets for my sweeties! These valentine boxes are a snap to make. If you’re worried about pushing too much candy on your loved ones, don’t be. You can only fit about 15 M&Ms in a matchbox, a completely reasonable lunch box surprise for Valentine’s Day!

What you need:

red paper
glue stick
heart stamp (I cut mine from a pink eraser with an X-acto knife)
white ink pad

Here’s how:

Measure and cut red paper to cover matchbox. Glue one side at a time and press on paper. Trim excess paper. Stamp white hearts in whatever pattern you choose. Fill with (15) M&Ms!




Easy and Fun Valentine to Make with Kids

Arrow through the heart? Make that, Number 2 pencil through the heart! Our valentine project this year is totally old school: super simple, low cost, and homemade from stuff we have around the house.

What you need:
Washi tape or masking tape in different colors (we used Scotch masking tape from Michael’s)
Construction paper

Optional: Stamps and stamp pad

Step 1: Cut out hearts from construction paper (about 5 x 5″). Let the kids do this step. Lopsided? Looking more like a liver than a heart? Remember: it’s part of the charm!

Step 2: This is a step for a grown-up. Cut two 1.5″ slits with your X-acto, one in the upper left quadrant of the heart shape, one in the bottom right quadrant.

Step 3: Decorate with stamps, stickers. Go crazy, kids! Bedazzle!

Step 4: Wrap pencils in strips of washi tape. Don’t worry, your valentines will be able to sharpen their washi-covered pencils.

Step 5: Insert pencil through your valentine heart. Now repeat 24 times–fewer, if you’re lucky enough to have lower class sizes at your school. . .

Follow homemade city on Instagram

2013-08-25 14.13.36-2

What’s the appeal of Instagram? The squares? The fun with filters? I love it unconditionally, and now you can follow homemade city on Instagram! (I’m not being paid for this promotion–sadly).  I promise you won’t see pix of my undeniably cute kids and I swear I’ll limit the cat photos: just homemade projects & objects. And yeah, maybe some roadside oddities like this Tin Man who lives in Goshen, Mass.