VW Bus Printable!

VW bus nuts–this one’s for you! I’ve been meaning to post this VW Bus printable for a while. I used this freezer paper stencil to make pillowcases for my son last spring. If you haven’t discovered freezer paper stencils for creating crisp, silkscreen-like images on fabric, here’s the complete how-to. For impatient, lazy sorts (like me), they offer immediate craft gratification. Craftification.


I think this would make a groovy T-shirt, too. Tape the stencil directly to freezer paper. Cut out the gray areas–these will become the painted areas. Along the dotted lines, trim a sliver from the freezer paper–this will create a line of color to outline the white parts of the image. Please share your results!

7 thoughts on “VW Bus Printable!

  1. I’m scared to do this. Many confident crafters have recommended this technique. I really need to screw up my courage and give freezer paper stenciling a go in 2012. Your adorable vw bus print is certainly incentive! Thanks for sharing.

    • Don’t be scared! It really is easy. Maybe give it a try on some scrap fabric first to build up your confidence. Go for it and send us pix of your creations. We’d love to see!

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